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Sustainability is at the heart of ABC Fruits and is committed to supplying our customers in the most sustainable way possible. As a part of the farmer’s fair trade association, our operations are built on supporting farmer networks and sustainable organic practices.

Our team strives hard to minimize the use of natural resources, is focused on efficient supply chain management and makes concerted efforts to increase our efficiency and recycle to prevent environmental harm. 

We are dedicated to achieving 100% sustainability by recycling and converting fruit wastes into valuable products without affecting the environment. We are passionate about introducing new sustainable initiatives by keeping the farmers in our close circle.

We aim to become an environmentally responsible manufacturer by implementing sustainability in various departments, including sourcing, processing, environment, and supply chain.

Our three Main Principles

  1. Organic Farming
  2. Sustainable farming practices
  3. People before profit 
  4. Energy transition

Sustainable Inventiveness


ABC Fruits provides farmers free of charge organic fertilisers to create a sustainable environment. The fruit waste products that include peels and fibres are the most effective organic fertilizers. The fruit peels add nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil and promote plant growth. This protects the soil from harmful chemicals and reduces farmers’ expenditure on fertilizers. Our agronomists make frequent visits to the farm to guide the farmers and improve the yield and quality of the crop.  consequat.


We educate about sustainable farming practices regularly. We urge farmers to adopt new methods and strategies to convert from conventional to organic farming. We advise farmers about various sustainable practices, including crop rotation, crop burning, High-Density Plantation (HDP), reduced tillage, agroforestry, rainwater harvesting, and Integrated Farming practices. (IFS).


At ABC Fruits, we put people before profit. We believe everyone should be treated equally with dignity and respect. It includes people from our production locations, employees, farmers, supply chain, stakeholders and the communities we operate. We deeply care about people and make sure everybody is treated equally and with respect. 


Solar energy plays a substantial role in curbing carbon emissions and sustainable energy development solutions. It reduces the dependency on coal and fossil fuels. As the demand for energy continues to increase, We have been taking several sustainable initiatives to create a cleaner environment. As a part of this sustainable initiative, We have installed a 500KW solar power plant. It curbs 76500 tonnes of carbon emissions per annum.


The mango seeds, kernel, fibre, and peels are separated by advanced machinery. The biogas produced is a source for the generator to produce electricity. The sludge in the biogas plant is used as organic fertiliser. The mango stones are sun-dried and used as a boiler feed.  The wastes are used in manufacturing mango butter, powder, and other valuable products.


The mango seeds, kernel, fibre, and peels are separated with the help of advanced machinery. The biogas produced is used as boiler feed and as a source for the generator to produce electricity. The sludge in the biogas plant is used as organic fertiliser. The mango stones or kernels are sun-dried and used as a boiler feed. It is used to manufacture mango butter, powder and other valuable products. The sludges/fibre are used as an organic fertiliser.


The installation of a biogas plant reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and CO2. The Effluent Treatment Plant treats industrial wastewater and is reused for agricultural purposes. This reduces the usage of freshwater and preserves the environment against water pollution.

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