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IQF totapuri mango dices are produced from fresh, sorted and ripened totapuri ...
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Mango Pulp Exporter in India

Aseptic mango pulp

Organic mango pulp has a delicate taste and is commonly used in food processing industries because of its numerous health benefits and applications.

We are the most preferred mango pulp and concentrate manufacturer and suppliers in Tamilnadu, Krishnagiri, and around the globe because of our superior quality and the absence of preservatives. Our mango pulp manufacturing facility is located in Krishnagiri with advanced manufacturing facilities and experienced professionals to handle the demand and serve the customers without any hassle.  Read More. . .   

We manufacture frozen mango dices that are maintained at a constant temperature of -18 to -21 degrees. The frozen mango dices are extracted from sound mature, and high-quality GMO-free mangoes.

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ABC Fruits adheres to the standards and regulations of FSSAI ensuring food safety. FSSAI registration is essentially a food safety certificate issued by the food authority of India, assuring the security of food products.

SGF certification - ABC Fruits

SGF performs focused market observations and audits of the machinery and equipment at member production facilities to check for conformity with rules controlling food products and labelling.


Food Safety System Certification 22000 is an effective ISO-based certification program for food safety auditing and certification in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

HALAL Certification - ABC Fruits

Halal certification ensures the food is unadulterated and also manufactured under Islamic law. The certificate is internationally recognised, and it is necessary to get trade permission in 117 countries.

Kosher certification - ABC Fruits

Kosher certification ensures the food product is manufactured under Jewish law. The kosher auditor must approve the manufacturing procedure to meet kosher standards.

Sedex certification ABC Fruits

Sedex, a top worldwide membership organization for ethical commerce, works with companies to enhance working conditions throughout global supply chains.

FDA Certification ABC Fruits

The Food and Drug Administration regulates all food and beverages in the United States. FDA applies to all organic products that manufacture, process, pack, and store food or drinks.

USDA Organic - ABC Fruits

USDA-certified organic products are processed in accordance with the federal regulations that address soil quality, additives, and pest control. Organic certification ensures producers use natural substances and biologically based farming methods.

EU organic certification - ABC Fruits

EU organic certification commercialization of organic products in the European Union. The certification guarantees climate and environment protection, soil fertility, the absence of GMOs, and the prevention of chemical and synthetic pesticides.

Indian Organic certification

The Indian organic certification ensures the organic product complies with NPOP standards. The certification ensures organic cultivation practices, eliminating synthetic feeds, and pest management.

BRCS food safety

A market leader with a global presence, BRCGS (Brand Reputation through compliance) promotes confidence in the supply chain and provides a set of standards where certification provides quality, food safety, and responsibility.

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