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Alphonso vs Kesar mango

Alphonso vs Kesar Mango – Which is better?

India is home to more than 1000 varieties of mango. However, only a few varieties are used for processing and the remaining varieties are used for table purposes. India is the largest producer of mangoes contributing to 50% of the world’s total mango production. Out of many commercial varieties, there are only two premium varieties in India because of their flavour, taste, and aroma. The varieties are none other than Alphonso and Kesar.

Because of their similar profiles, it’s always been a tedious task for customers to decide which is a better variety. Alphonso or Kesar? In this article, we have compared Alphonso and Kesar mangoes based on their Flavour, colour, texture and sweetness. 

Before we delve into the debate of Alphonso vs Kesar mango, let us know about each variety.       

        Alphonso mango

  • Alphonso is known as the king of Indian mangoes. Alphonso is believed to have originated in Goa in the 19th century and was named after a Portuguese explorer Alfonso de Albuquerque. 
  • Alphonso mango is widely cultivated in the Konkan region in Maharashtra and acquired its GI tag in 2018.
  • Alphonso mangoes are easily recognizable by their vibrant orange skin, plump oval shape, and distinct floral fragrance. Their flesh is incredibly juicy, fiberless, and explodes with an intense sweetness. 

         Kesar mango 

  • “Gir Kesar” also known as Kesar mango is believed to have originated in Gujarat. Kesar mango is predominantly cultivated in the Gir region of Gujarat.
  • The Kesar mango got its GI tag in 2011. It is the second most popular variety of mango to get a GI tag after Dussheri from Uttar Pradesh. 
  • Kesar mangoes are medium-sized with a smooth, elongated shape and a golden yellow skin often tinged with green. Their flesh is exceptionally succulent and boasts a delicate sweetness reminiscent of honey, with a hint of floral notes.

Comparing Premium Indian Varieties – Alphonso vs Kesar mango pulp 

After Alphonso mango pulp, Kesar is the premium variety because of its balanced sweetness. Kesar mango is cultivated predominantly in Gujarat and processed in smaller quantities. However, regarding Alphonso vs Kesar, Alphonso is considered to be better and richer. Alphonso mango puree is expensive compared to Kesar. 

Both varieties are exported as fresh fruits to various countries. However, as mangoes are delicate and highly perishable products, mango puree and concentrates are widely preferred in the export market due to their extended shelf life. Alphonso wins the battle when it comes to Alphonso vs Kesar mango pulp. Kesar can be considered a cheaper alternative for Alphonso.

Characteristics Alphonso  Kesar
            Flavor Sweet, rich, creamy Sweet with a slight tart note. 
            Colour Orange yellow  Golden Yellow
              Brix 16 16
            Texture Soft, non-fibrous, juicy Slightly fibrous and creamy
    Peak availability April, May, and June May, June and July

Difference between Alphonso and Kesar mango


Usage/Application of processing varieties of mango (Alphonso, Kesar, Totapuri and Neelam)

  • Alphonso mango is considered a premium variety and more expensive than Kesar and Totapurii. It is used to differentiate products and bring strong flavours. Alphonso is predominantly used in ice creams, desserts, dairy products, and bakery and confectioneries.  
  • Totapuri is mainly used for juice & blends due to its tangy profile. It’s a good competitor for South American varieties like Kent and Tommy Atkins. 
  • Kesar mango is also a premium variety and is considered an alternative to Alphonso mango. Kesar mango/ mango pulp is widely used in the dairy industry, premium beverages, baby foods and desserts
  • Neelam mango is predominantly used for beverages and blends with other fruits like oranges to maintain acidity levels. It is also used in desserts as the flavour is sweet. 

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