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Alphonso vs Totapuri mango

Alphonso vs Totapuri mango

Alphonso vs Totapuri mango

There are more than 1000 varieties of mango In India. More than half of the mangoes produced in the world are from India contributing to 56% market share. While mango and mango processed products are predominantly produced in India, Asia and South America, Indian mango varieties stand out in volume, flavour profile and customer preferences Mango varieties from Peru can be considered equivalent. Although Peruvian varieties are comparable in quality, Indian mangoes remain the most widely consumed. Read more about mango varieties comparison. 

Before we delve into the debate between Alphonso vs Totapuri mango, let’s learn about the origin and cultivation regions. 

Alphonso Mango

  • Known as the king of Indian mangoes, Alphonso mangoes are believed to have originated in Goa in the 19th century and are named after the Portuguese explorer Alfonso de Albuquerque.¬†
  • These mangoes are widely cultivated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra and Karnataka. They received their GI (Geographical Indication) tag in 2018.
  • Alphonso mangoes are easily recognized by their vibrant orange skin, oval shape and distinct floral aroma.

Alphonso mango

Totapuri Mango

  • Totapuri mangoes, also known as Bangalora or Sandersha, are primarily grown in the southern states of India, including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.
  • Totapuri mangoes are distinctive with their large, oblong shape, and prominent beak-like pointed end.¬†
  • The flavour of Totapuri mangoes is a balanced mix of sweetness and acidity, making them a popular choice for both processing and culinary applications.

Totapuri mango

Processing varieties of mango in India – Alphonso vs Totapuri

Alphonso, Totapuri, Neelam, Raspuri and Kesar are widely used for processing. However, due to their unique flavour, texture and aroma, Alphonso and totapuri varieties are mostly preferred for processing. Kesar is considered equivalent to Alphonso however, alphonso variety stands tall. Read more here about Alphonso vs Kesar mango.

Regarding applications of Alphonso vs Totapuri, customers need clarification about which varieties can be used for which application. This article will dive deeper into the Alphonso vs Totapuri comparison regarding organoleptic, physical characteristics and applications. 

 Alphonso vs Totapuri comparison chart

Characteristics      Alphonso    Totapuri
Flavor Sweet, rich, creamy Sweet, tangy
Colour Orange yellow Golden yellow
  Brix 16 14-16 & 28
Texture Soft, non-fibrous, juicy firmer, denser and higher in fibre
Availability May, and June May, June and July

Now after, witnessing the comparison of Alphonso vs Totapuri, you must be wondering which of these two varieties can be used for your application. Especially, in the Food and Beverage Industry, choosing the right raw material is crucial. We will discuss the applications of Alphonso and Totapuri mango in detail below

Applications of Alphonso mango
  • Beverages: Alphonso‚Äôs aroma, sweetness, and rich flavour are used in the manufacturing of premium fruit juices, nectars, smoothies and mocktails.¬†
  • Ice Cream and Yoghurt: The intense flavour profile and creamy texture of Alphonso are suitable for creating mango-flavoured ice creams, yoghurts, and sorbets.
  • High-End Bakery Fillings & Desserts: Alphonso mango puree adds a luxurious touch to pastries, puddings, toppings, fillings and fruit compotes.
  • Baby food puree & drinks: Considering nutritional benefits, Alphonso mango puree is widely used in the manufacturing of fruit drinks, yoghurts and combinations with other fruit purees.
  • Other foods: Alphonso mango puree is also used in the manufacturing of jams, marmalades, fruit squash, fruit cheese, salad dressings and alcoholic beverages.
Applications of Totapuri mango
  • Beverages: Totapuri is predominantly used in beverages because of its tangy flavour. It is also used in fruit blends.
  • Baby food puree & drinks: Totapuri mango puree is also preferred in the manufacturing of baby foods like yoghurts and puree. However, it is blended with other puree because of its acidic nature.
  • Dairy Industry: Totapuri mango puree is used in the manufacturing of milkshakes and yoghurts. IQF totapuri dice are also added to yoghurt drinks to add real flavour.¬†
  • Confectioneries: Totapuri mango is widely used in producing mango fruit bars, sweets and candies.
  • Nutraceutical and health supplements: Due to its high Vitamin C content, totapuri mango puree is used in the production of health supplements, mango powder and other wellness products.¬†

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