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Totapuri Mango Pulp and Puree

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Overview – Totapuri mango pulp

Totapuri mango pulp is extracted from fresh, mature, and selected ripened totapuri mango fruits. Totapuri mangoes are primarily cultivated in Andhra Pradesh. The totapuri mango is also grown in the region of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Totapuri mango is golden yellow and easily recognized by its beak-like pointed end. Totapuri mango also goes by the names Bangalora, Ginimoothi, Kili Mooku, Sandersha. Though there are many varieties of mangoes in India, Totapuri mangoes are considered to be the most processable variety due to its larger size and smaller seed with higher pulp content. It is a seasonal fruit that will be available from May to July. 

ABC Fruits is one of the most trusted totapuri mango pulp manufacturers and exporters in India. We produce high quality totapuri mango pulp which is exported all over the world. Our totapuri mango puree is extracted from hygienic, well maintained and state of the art facilities to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the quality of the product

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