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IQF papaya dice

IQF papaya dice


IQF papaya dice are manufactured from fresh, mature, and finest papayas are procured directly from the farmers.  Papaya is a tropical fruit that originated in Central America and Southern Mexico. Later it was brought to Asia by Spanish explorers. India is the largest producer of papaya In the world, followed by the Dominican Republic and Mexico. 

Later, papaya was used as value-added products, such as red papaya pulp, and now it is widely used in food processing industries. IQF papaya dice is one of the significant products of papaya. We offer frozen red papaya chunks manufactured by following stringent, rigorous hygiene practices and ensuring we deliver the best product to our customers. Having an excellent quality product, we have huge demand worldwide. Our product is renowned globally, and we are the renowned frozen papaya dice/chunks manufacturer in India. 

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