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Pomegranate Juice Concentrate

Pomegranate Juice concentrate suppliers


Pomegranate Juice Concentrate is a dense, flavourful extract derived from the juice of pomegranates. We offer pomegranate juice concentrates sourced from various origins. As per research pomegranate is one of the most consumed juices in the world. Owing to its numerous applications, pomegranate juice concentrates have huge potential in India. 

The pomegranate juice concentrate offers several benefits compared to fresh fruits. Pomegranate Juice concentrate is predominantly sourced from Turkey and Iran as they are known for pomegranate processing. We also source from different origins based on customer’s requests.

  • Extended shelf life: Concentrate boasts a longer shelf life due to its stringent processing methods and aseptic packaging.
  • Cost-effective: Concentrate offers a cost-effective solution as it requires less transportation and storage compared to its fresh juice counterpart.
  • Intensified Flavour: Concentration intensifies the naturally tart and sweet pomegranate flavour, requiring less for a powerful taste experience.

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