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Pineapple juice concentrate

Pineapple Juice concentrate


Aseptic pineapple juice concentrate is manufactured from sound mature pineapple fruits sourced from Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India.  Pineapple juice concentrate is produced from Queen variety pineapples which is widely used for producing Pineapple puree and Pineapple juice concentrate. ABC Fruits is one of the few largest Pineapple juice concentrate suppliers in India who offer to more than 80+ countries. Queen Pineapple has a slightly tangy and acidic taste compared to the Kew variety.

Kew, Queen, and Mauritius are the popular pineapple varieties cultivated in India. Queen is most commonly used for puree and juice concentrate production. Pineapples are cultivated predominantly in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and the North-eastern States

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