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Neelam Mango Concentrate

Neelam mango concentrate


Our Neelam mango concentrate is meticulously manufactured to preserve the fruit’s natural essence, nutrients, colour, and aroma. Unlike Alphonso and totapuri, Neelam is a late-season variety maturing from July to August. Neelam mango is an indigenous variety of India. Produced from the finest Neelam mangoes

The Neelam mango variety fetches good demand from customers internationally due to its distinctive flavour profile. Neelam mango is India’s fourth most processed Mango after Alphonso, Totapuri, and Kesar. Neelam is primarily cultivated in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.

ABC Fruits is one of the reputed Neelam mango concentrate manufacturers in India. We manufacture high-quality Neelam mango puree concentrate, which is recognized globally. We cater to both domestic and international clients. Neelam mango concentrate is mainly used to blend with totapuri mango concentrate for beverages.

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