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IQF alphonso mango dice/slices are produced from fresh, sorted, and ripened Alphonso mangoes cultivated naturally. ABC Fruits offer the best standard alphonso mango in the form of frozen alphonso mango slices/dice. Alphonso variety is the expensive variety of mango. It is grown in western India. Alphonso mangoes are widely cultivated in Karnataka. It is predominantly grown in the Konkan region of western India. The alphonso mango is a seasonal fruit available from April- June. 

The processed IQF Alphonso mango are available throughout the year. The alphonso mango has a higher brix level. It is creamy, delicate, non-fibrous and has a juicy pulp. Alphonso mango has become an important ingredient in the beverage industry due to the above characteristics. Alphonso mangoes are known for their sweetness and distinctive mango flavour. It is used as an Alphonso mango pulp and  Alphonso mango chunks in the food processing industry because of its flavour, and quality. IQF Alphonso mango is used in a variety of applications that includes culinary and beverage industries. IQF alphonso mango slices or dice are used to make mango milkshakes, mango smoothies, ice cream or as a dessert toppings.

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