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Pink Guava Concentrate


Pink guava concentrate is extracted from pink guavas, a succulent tropical fruit that originated in South America and proliferated to various countries with the help of Portuguese explorers. Pink guava is sweet, aromatic, and slightly juicy with a considerable amount of seeds. Pink guava contains more pigment content such as carotenoid and polyphenol which differentiates it from white guavas. The colour of the flesh is pink due to the presence of more carotenoid content. Pink guava concentrate is gaining popularity because of its is Since pink guava contains more nutrients, it is considered a super fruit. Pink guavas are primarily cultivated in Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

At ABC Fruits, we produce pink guava concentrate that is extracted from fresh, mature, and high-quality fruits. High-quality products and extraordinary customer services made ABC Fruits one of the most preferred and reputed Pink guava concentrate manufacturers in India.

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