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ABC Fruits is one of the leading mango pulp manufacturers in Krishnagiri offers fruit purees and concentrates that include mango puree, Guava puree, red papaya puree, banana puree, and pineapple puree. The fruit pulps are manufactured from fruits that are graded, sorted and handpicked. We ensure our fruit pulp is processed thermally and packed in aseptic bags to maintain the freshness, aroma and flavour. 

We strictly adhere to the food processing standards for all our fruit pulp and puree manufacturing. Our approach towards the market and the quality of our product made us one of the renowned mango pulp manufacturers in Chittoor. 

Mango Pulp, Puree and Concentrate

India is one of the largest producers of mango varieties in the world. It contributes to 40% of the total world mango production. We have around 1000 varieties of edible mangoes spread across the country. However, the main processing varieties are Alphonso mango and Totapuri mango. There are two main clusters of mango pulp processing facilities. One is in south India (Krishnagiri and Chittoor) and the other is in western India (Ratnagiri & Valsad). The southern region is known for totapuri mangoes and totapuri mango pulp is the processed commercial variety of mango pulp. ABC Fruits is one of the leading mango pulp manufacturers in Krishnagiri with an advanced manufacturing facility and experienced professionals.

Though we have a huge market for mango pulps, Organic Alphonso mango pulp, Organic totapuri mango pulp, and Organic totapuri mango concentrate is gaining popularity among various food industries and mango concentrate manufacturers in India due to its health benefits and applications. Our organic Mango pulp and organic totapuri mango pulp is made from mangoes that are harvested from organically certified farms.

Guava Pulp, Puree, and Concentrate

Guava is a pear-shaped tropical fruit grown in tropical and subtropical regions. The guava has a greenish skin enclosed by sweet and aromatic flesh. White guavas and Pink guavas are important commercial fruits harvested in India. The guavas are differentiated by the color of the pulp. The white guavas have a white pulp with seeds whereas the pink guavas have a juicy pink flesh due to the presence of carotenoid and are loaded with seeds. 

We manufacture white guava pulp and pink guava pulp and each has its benefits and applications. The Guava pulp is extracted from sound mature, handpicked, and ripened guavas. The guava pulp processing involves inspection, sorting, washing, cutting, destoning, and aseptic packaging. The complete guava pulp extraction process is automated with less manual intervention to increase productivity. The guava pulp is sterilized before aseptic packaging to make it free from pathogenic microorganisms.

We manufacture and export guava pulp to overseas markets and have a strong customer base. Our product is widely accepted and preferred by various food processing industries. Undoubtedly, we are a renowned and the most preferred guava pulp manufacturer in India as well as globally.

Papaya pulp/ Puree

The papaya (Carica papaya) is a long bulbous fruit with a point at the broad end. Papaya has greenish skin with a yellowish orange to pinkish-coloured flesh inside. The centre of the fruit is hollow with nestle black rounded seeds. Our papaya pulp is manufactured from a handpicked, mature, and selected variety of papayas and undergoes various manufacturing processes to extract the pulp. The papaya pulp processing includes inspection, sorting, peeling, decanting, and eventually stored in aseptic bags. ABC Fruits is one of the leading papaya processing companies and supplies papaya puree worldwide. Our papaya processing companies are equipped with international equipment and high-quality standards. 

Our papaya processing unit is located in Krishnagiri with state of an art facilities and industry experts. We produce red papaya pulp and red papaya concentrate from selected varieties of papayas that undergo stringent quality checks before extracting the Red papaya pulp. Our product quality and excellent customer service made us one of the reputed papaya processing companies in India. 

Banana Pulp and Puree

Bananas have their origin in Asia and later spread across different parts of the world. The Banana pulp manufactured from the Indian variety of bananas is considered best because of its flavour, size and its superior shape.  Banana pulp has numerous applications in various food industries and the requirement for banana pulp is expected to grow in the coming years. ABC Fruits is the reputed banana pulp supplier and exports the finest quality of Banana pulp that is used in the manufacturing of beverages, drinks, nectars, and other processed foods. 

Banana pulp is manufactured from high-quality cavendish variety bananas that are harvested from certified farms. The processing of banana pulp involves the selection of ripened pineapple, washing, peeling, final inspection and crushing. The banana puree is preheated at 85-90 Degree Celsius to remove pathogens. The banana puree is passed to the magnetic trap, strainer and metal detectors to eliminate the foreign matter and finally stored in ambient warehouses. 

Pineapple Juice and Puree

Pineapple is a tropical fruit and is native to South America, It was introduced to Europe in the 17th century and spread across various countries. Pineapple contributes to more than 20% of the world’s tropical fruit production. Mature pineapples have a unique fragrance, a stunning colour, and a good bittersweet taste. Since the calorific content of pineapple is low, it has huge health benefits and numerous applications in the food processing industries. Pineapple puree is used for producing beverages, drinks, nutritional bars, and other food products. 

The pineapple pulp processing begins with sorting, washing the fruit, de-crowning, and crushing the fruit in the fruit miller. Our pulp is free from preservatives and colourings and we ensure the product remains fresh without losing the flavour of the pineapples. As ABC Fruits is one of the trusted pineapple puree suppliers in India, our main focus is to offer premium quality products and ensure our customers are satisfied.


Tomato paste

Tomato paste is made by concentrating pure tomato juice after the seeds and skin have been removed.  Tomato is a warm summer crop, but it can be cultivated throughout the year.  The ideal temperature for harvesting the best quality of tomatoes ranges from 21-24°C. Tomatoes are an important crop in terms of both nutrition and income. Indian tomatoes are available in numerous varieties. Rupali, Rashmi and Namdari are the finest varieties. Tomatoes differ in shades of appealing yellow, orange, and red when fully mature. The fruits are fleshy and embedded with tiny soft seeds. The tomatoes are highly perishable and need special care in handling. 

As a leading tomato paste manufacturer in Tamilnadu, we export tomato puree to the different countries in the world. Though we manufacture huge quantities of tomato puree considering the demand, the quality of the product is never compromised. Our continuous monitoring in the product line at every step ensures our customers get a premium product. 

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