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Organic Pink Guava Pulp/Puree

Organic pink guava puree


Organic Pink Guava pulp has a unique flavour, aroma, and pink coloured pulp with enormous health benefits. The pink-coloured sweet pulp is loaded with seeds and has a better sweetness compared to organic white guava pulp. Organic pink guava pulp extracted from a sound mature and a selected variety of pink guavas, ripened under natural conditions. We manufacture high quality organic pink guava puree from organic pink guavas that are grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Organic Pink guavas are predominantly cultivated in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra.  Organic pink guava paste is gaining popularity in beverage industries because of its numerous health benefits and higher pulp content with great sweetness. 

Organic pink guava pulp, extracted from the pink guavas that are harvested from organically certified farms. Our organic pink guava puree is certified by EU, USDA, and JAS certification bodies which make us a reputed organic pink guava pulp manufacturer In India and as well as globally. 

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