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Red Papaya Concentrate


Papaya concentrate is extracted from red papayas, a luscious tropical fruit that originated from southern Mexico, Northern America and Central America. Red papaya concentrate manufacturers are located in papaya growing regions. Red papaya is predominantly cultivated in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala. Red papaya concentrate manufacturers in India are mostly located in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Now, Papayas are grown in all tropical regions. India is the largest producer of Papayas and contributes to 45% of the world’s production. 

ABC Fruits offer papaya concentrate, manufactured from the finest quality of red papayas, maintaining commercial sterility without losing the freshness, taste, and quality. India has many Papaya concentrate manufacturers since India leads the papaya cultivation. Our product is well accepted by the customers across domestic and international markets because of its uncompromising quality. 

productRed Papaya Concentrate ( Min 25 Brix)
VarietyTaiwan/ Washington

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