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What is fruit puree and Concentrate | Difference between puree and concentrate

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Difference between puree and concentrate

Difference between Puree and Concentrate

One of the most asked questions in the fruit processing industry is, 
what is the difference between puree and concentrate? Well, most of the experts in the industry are well aware of the difference between fruit puree and puree concentrate. However, medium and small-scale manufacturers need to be more convinced about the difference and which suits their application. We are here to guide you on the difference between fruit puree and concentrate with our 25+ years of expertise in this industry. Before we delve into the differences, let us understand what fruit puree is and what fruit puree concentrate is.

What is fruit puree?

Fruit puree is a product that is obtained by crushing fruits without adding any preservatives. The fruit puree retains the pulp, and only excess fiber is removed. In most cases, the peels and stones are removed by de-stoner machinery during processing. However, seeded variants are available in some fruit purees, like guava. Fruit juices from fruit puree are known as “Not From Concentrate” (NFC). Fruit puree is also called Single strength Puree. (S/S puree)

The production of fruit puree involves the following process

  • Fresh and matured fruits are harvested, sorted, and crushed to produce fruit puree.
  • The fruit puree is collected in storage tanks and preheated.
  • The fruit puree is sterilized and packed in aseptic bags in drums.
  • Eventually, the fruit puree is stored in temperature-controlled warehouses.
What is fruit puree?
What is fruit puree?

What is fruit concentrate or fruit puree concentrate? 

Fruit concentrate is a product similar to fruit puree, which is made by crushing the fruits. However, the water content is extracted from fruit pulp/puree. Fruit processors have historically produced fruit concentrates to optimize transportation costs. Fruit juices produced from concentrates are known as “Juice From Concentrate”. Fruit concentrates are also known as fruit puree concentrate in Western countries. Fruit purees cannot be concentrated as much as Juice concentrates as it makes the fruit puree more viscous than juice and difficult to pump through the equipment. Fruit puree concentrate is popular among beverage manufacturers as it cost-effective, has higher brix level, consumes less storage space, and is easier to transport.  

The production of fruit concentrate involves the following process:

  • Ripe and fully mature fruits are crushed in the fruit miller to produce 
  • The fruit puree is collected in the standardized tank and preheated.
  • The puree is passed through the evaporator to remove water content to produce fruit concentrate.
  • Finally, the fruit concentrate is sterilized and stored in warehouses.
    What is fruit puree concentrate?
    What is fruit puree concentrate?


Fruit puree vs concentrate

  • The fruit puree’s flavour, aroma, and taste are similar to the natural fruit. At the same time, the concentrate undergoes excess heat during the evaporation process, which changes the smell and taste.
  • The fruit puree has the natural color of the fruit. In comparison, the colour of the fruit concentrate is slightly darker than the puree.
  • The process of producing fruit concentrate is longer due to the evaporation process.
  • The puree is made from fruits with better flesh, such as bananas, mangoes, papayas and guavas. Fruit concentrate is preferred for juicy fruits like pineapple, apple, and berries. However, the concentrate is also available for fleshy fruits.

Puree and concentrate applications

Some of the most versatile products we offer here at ABC Fruits are fruit puree and fruit puree concentrates. The fruit puree is widely used in a variety of food applications. However, we have listed out the most important applications of fruit puree and concentrates. 

  • Beverages – Fruit puree and concentrates are used as raw materials in manufacturing juices, fruit-flavored drinks, nectars, and smoothies.
  • Dairy: They are used in dairy products such as ice cream, flavored yogurts, and milkshakes.
  • Baby foods: Used in baby foods as puree, cereals, and fruit drinks. 
  • Confectionery: Puree and concentrates are used in the production of candies, jellies, 
  • Other processed foods: Used in the manufacturing of Jams, jellies, fruit squash, and fruit cheese. 

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