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Guava crop report 2023

Guava crop report 2023

As the guavas are being harvested and dispatched to our premises, Our teams are gearing up with meticulous planning for the commencement of the guava puree and concentrate production process. The guava harvest season is from August to September and February to March. However, the peak guava season is from August to September. The peak guava harvest season is from August to September, yielding 5-10kgs from each tree. 

The guava flowering season in India occurs in February, and the harvest is from August to September. The second flowering happens in the monsoon, and the harvesting is carried out from February to March. However, the flowering cycles can vary with the local weather and the varieties of guava cultivated. 

Crop Analysis – White and Pink Guava 2023

  • This year, white and pink guava exhibit superior qualities compared to last year, with a 10% increase in brix value.¬†
  • However, the yield for both guava types is 10% lower than last year.¬†
  • The prices have remained steady this year, with no significant changes compared to the previous year. If you have any pricing queries, contact our sales team.¬†

Fruit sourcing & Varieties

  • White guava – Primarily procured and harvested in Tamilnadu. The varieties used for puree and concentrate are Lucknow49 and Allahabad Safeda.
  • Pink guava¬†– Predominantly sourced and cultivated in Karnataka. The varieties used are desi Karnataka and Arka Kiran.¬†

Guava products we offer

Current Scenario

The white guava production is currently operating at its most total capacity. Don’t hesitate to contact our expert team for inquiries regarding pricing and availability in 2023. I appreciate your interest in our product.

My name is Fazloo harman. I am a farmer, and I live in Krishnagiri. I have 10 acres of mango farms. We cultivate different varieties like Alphonso, Totapuri, and Badami. We have been supplying ABC Fruits for ten years. All our quantities are provided only to ABC Fruits. We focus both on quality and quantity. We have a smooth transaction process with ABC Fruits. ABC Fruits’s agronomists guide us on maintaining farms and various agricultural practices. We are happy to be associated with ABC Fruits.¬†¬†

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