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Mango crop report 2023


Mangoes are one of the world’s most popular fruits known for their taste, colour, juicy pulp, and aroma. Mangoes are valued for their health benefits and economic importance. This mango crop report for the year 2023 will provide an overview of two of India’s most widely cultivated mango varieties. (Alphonso and Totapuri). The mango season in India in 2023 begins in May and ends in July. 

 The purpose of this mango crop report 2023 is to provide valuable insights for beverage manufacturers and other stakeholders in the industry. Our team of agronomists has been monitoring the mango crop closely and crafted a report that provides valuable insights on the current state of the mango crop, expected yield, weather patterns, and quality standards. We aim to help stakeholders to make informed decisions about their mango-based product production, marketing, and distribution strategies. 

A brief introduction to the mango and processing industry

In recent years, the mango processing industry in India has faced several challenges, including climate change, pests and diseases, and trade barriers. To address these challenges, many growers, Mango pulp manufacturers, and researchers are working to develop more sustainable and resilient mango production systems and new varieties that are more resistant to pests and diseases.

Despite these challenges, the mango industry remains a vibrant and growing part of the global fruit market. As consumers worldwide continue to discover the delicious flavour and health benefits of mangoes, the demand for this tropical fruit is expected to keep growing in the years to come.

Alphonso mango crop report 2023

Crop condition by region

In India, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka are the primary producers of Alphonso and totapuri mangoes. Most of the fruits are procured from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka for processing. Many processing units are located in these regions. Our processing facility is strategically located in close proximity to mango cultivation areas, allowing us to procure exceptional crops. We have a contract with farmers to procure the mangoes directly from them. Contract farming strengthens the relationship between farmers and us and enhances our ability to serve our customers better. 

Karnataka: In Karnataka, the availability of crops has been hampered due to poor fruit setting, despite favourable flowering conditions. Poor fruit setting is due to the pest infestation.

Tamil Nadu: The availability of Alphonso mango crops in Tamil Nadu is even lower due to the very low fruit setting caused by pest infestation. 

Weather conditions in Karnataka (Mysore, Channapatna, & Bangalore belt) and Tamil Nadu (Krishnagiri and Dindigul)

Weather conditions play a crucial role in the growth and development of mango crops. Adequate sunlight, water, and optimal temperature are essential for mango trees to produce a high-quality fruit yield. Any deviation from the required climatic conditions can impact the growth, flowering, and fruiting of mango trees, resulting in a diminished crop yield or poor fruit quality.

The current temperature in Karnataka is between 21 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius.

Weather forecasts enable farmers to anticipate and prepare for changes in weather patterns, such as rains or extreme temperatures. They can adjust irrigation schedules, modify planting dates, or take other measures to protect their crops from adverse weather conditions. The forecast temperature for the next 15 days is expected between 22 degrees Celsius to 36-degree Celsius. The expected rainfall probability during this period is estimated at up to 50%.

Alphonso mango season 2023

This year the fruit size is good in all growing regions due to sufficient rainfall and lower fruits per tree. The crop scenario is unlikely to change even if there is rainfall in the coming weeks,  The Alphonso mango season in India 2023 will begin in the 2nd week of May and end in the second week of June. The Alphonso mango crop has experienced a delay due to the damage during the first flowering damage with 2nd and 3rd flowering yielding the fruits. The demand for Alphonso mango fruits in the fresh market is rising, leaving fewer fruits for processing.

Alphonso mango production 2023

Yield: The current projection for the availability of Alphonso mangoes this year indicates a 20-25% reduction compared to the previous year, primarily due to the low fruit setting. 

Price: It is projected that the price of Alphonso mangoes will experience an increase of 15-20% compared to the previous year, largely attributed to the smaller crop size and higher demand in the fresh market for the current year.

Quality: The quality of the Alphonso mangoes is anticipated to be good this year as there was no rainfall before harvesting. The colour and flavour of the Alphonso mangoes are expected to be good. 

Totapuri mango crop report 2023

Crop condition by region

Andhra Pradesh &Tamil Nadu:  Good flowering conditions have led to a favourable crop yield for the current season in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. However, the fruit setting was lower in all the regions due to pest infestation despite good flowering conditions. Based on current weather conditions, the fruit size of the Totapuri Mango achieved optimal growth across all regions due to abundant rainfall last month. 

Weather conditions in Tamil Nadu (Krishnagiri & Dindigul) and Andhra Pradesh  (Chittoor, Vijayawada & Srinivaspur):  The current temperature in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh is between 22 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. The forecast temperature for the next 15 days is expected between 25 degrees Celsius to 38-degree Celsius. The expected rainfall probability during this period is estimated at up to 60%.

Totapuri mango season 2023

The totapuri mango season in India 2023 will begin in the third week of May and continue until the third week of July. Notably, the harvesting window for this year’s crop is extended due to the varying maturity levels observed across different growing regions. Due to the shortfall of the totapuri mango, the demand for this year is expected to increase. 

Totapuri mango production 2023

Yield: In Andhra Pradesh, the yield of the totapuri mangoes is expected to increase 20-25% higher than the last year due to favourable flowering conditions. The increase in the yield can’t be categorised as a bumper crop.

Price: The price of totapuri mangoes is expected to decrease by 15-20% compared to last year due to high crop availability in all the regions. 

Quality: The totapuri mangoes’ quality is considered superior this year. The fruit is expected to have a higher brix due to the absence of rainfall before harvest. 


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